Reporting, Analytics, Intelligence


In today’s modern marketing world, it seems like there is an unlimited amount of data to analyze, which can be overwhelming. Chainlink Marketing Platform makes it easy to synthesize and take a set back, allowing users to see the marketing forest for the trees. Chainlink Marketing Platform’s pre-built reporting, analytics, and intelligence allow users to see what’s driving revenue, and how the sales can be attributed to your various digital marketing efforts, which promotions are most effective, and how can you improve your overall marketing metrics and performance.


The Command Center provides a quick overview of all your marketing programs, statistics, and interactions, all in real time. This allows you to compare the overall performance of your various marketing initiatives relative to different periods of time. The Command Center drag & drop capability makes it a breeze for you to customize your personal dashboard with your favorite metrics, charts, and data. Since all of the Chainlink Marketing Platform is updated in real-time, you can get a live view of who’s interacting with your marketing initiatives. This means you can spot early trends in orders and activity, and track the growth of your customers and recipients over time.


Chainlink Marketing Platform reporting provides a direct view into each of your customers’ actions (or inactions), whether it be opening an email, visiting a landing page, making a purchase, or viewing which customers are starting to drift away. Our pre-built reporting dashboards power a unified view of what your customers are doing overall and individually. The Chainlink Data Warehouse stores all historical interactions, so you can very easily and quickly see how individual customer relationships have grown and changed over time. Using our tools, it’s easy to identify your best customers based on their spending patterns and interactions. You can also easily tell who might have forgotten something in their carts and need a coupon to come back.


Chainlink Marketing Platform provides detailed B2B reporting, analytics, and insights across your marketing efforts. Our reporting helps you identify which tactics are working, and correct those that aren’t effective. With our data-driven tools, you can measure and precisely calculate the returns on your digital campaign performance throughout your marketing and sales funnels. You can track an individual closed lead all the way back to its first touch point, and see every interaction along the way, empowering you to direct your budget accordingly. This life cycle overview provides a quick snapshot of your marketing strategy, highlighting where a step in the cycle might need improvement, so you can quickly make the proper adjustments. Finally, the Chainlink Marketing Platform allows you to link events and promotions outside of the platform, so you can see how your marketing campaigns are performing across the board and see how your various channels are interacting to generate leads and accelerate your pipeline.

email delivery Reporting, Analytics, Intelligence