Lead Generation

Lead Generation – Build your Sales Funnel at the Top

Create compelling demand generation landing pages and websites, and set automated email marketing to provide helpful information during the buying process. Chainlink Marketing Platform provides all the tools to craft interactive marketing that will drive increased lead generation adding more qualified leads into the top of your funnel for your sales team to close. As your prospects interact, collect valuable information about your leads to pass along to your sales team so they can followup with the most promising opportunities.

Chainlink Marketing PLatform Lead Generation Tools

Created compelling inbound and outbound lead generation programs to drive traffic into your sales funnel using content marketing, email, or direct mail. Create dynamic landing pages and forms that accumulate valuable information about your prospects stored in the Chainlink Data Warehouse, and if you want can be pushed directly into your CRM of choice. Create custom lead scoring  based on collected profile, behavior and interaction data, and custom sales alerts to be pushed directly to your sales team so can reach out exactly when the time is right to your qualified leads.

Lead Genertion leads to Converting more Sales

Chainilnk Marketing Platform enables your marketing organization to constantly be adding new leads to the top of your funnel, nurturing your leads into qualified prospects, and closing more deals.

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