Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing – Manage and Coordinate your Marketing across every channel

Chainlink Marketing Platform Integrated Marketing tools allow you plan, develop, and implement your cross channel marketing strategies and programs efficiently and seamlessly, all from one integrated holistic platform view. You can power coordinated marketing campaigns to provide dynamic and interconnected messaging across direct mail, email, mobile, websites and more, and even better the programs will update and become more personalized with each target or prospect’s interaction, regardless of which channel they respond to.

Cross Channel Marketing Attribution

Chainlink Marketing Platform allows you to input program costs and associated revenues so you can accurately measure and assign marketing attribution across channels and integrated marketing programs. This allows you  properly steer your marketing budget and efforts, to see where you should be growing your organization’s efforts, and where you should be pulling back. The Chainlink Data Warehouse stores every single marketing interaction, so you can even see down to the individual target or buyer persona what has been the most and least effective channel, program, offer, and messaging efforts.

Integrated Marketing Cross-channel view

Chainlink Marketing Platform integrated marketing provides a comprehensive cross-channel overview of your marketing efforts. You can quickly and easily craft personalized dynamic programs that will automatically update based on your targets’ and prospects’ interactions and behaviors, whether it be an email click, website visit, direct mailer response, filled-out form, or mobile view. While all data will already be collected and aggregated in the Chainlink Data Warehouse, we can push data directly into your CRM of choice through our various APIs.

Integrated Marketing

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