Marketing Solutions

Chainlink Marketing Platform Customized for Every User

Chainlink Marketing Platform provides customized marketing solutions to help every marketer drive engagement, convert new customers, and increase ROI. Regardless of your organization’s goals, business line or industry, we’ve built individualized features and tools to help make your job easier and to hit all of your marketing targets.

Lead generation

Chainlink Marketing Platform provides cutting edge Lead Generation tools to make your digital inbound marketing is highly effective. Gain insights into your customers’ interests and provide a constant inflow of qualified leads into the top of your sales funnel.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing remains one of the highest return marketing tools across all of digital marketing today. Chainlink Marketing Platform provides the cutting-edge email tools for 1:1 personalization, dynamic content, advanced segmentation, automated workflows, and highly effective drip marketing programs.

Loyalty Marketing

Create impact and automated 1:1 personalized conversations with your customers that endure throughout the customer life cycle. By engaging with your customers you’l drive improved customer retention, encourage repeat purchases, and maximize your customer lifetime value.

Lead Nurturing

Chainlink Marketing Platform lead nurturing tools provide advanced automation to close more leads by providing timely updates to your prospects, reminding them why your organization and your offering is the best. These nurturing tools will make ensure you’re closing every opportunity and driving the highest conversion rates possible.

Franchise & Decentralized Marketing

Chainlink Marketing Platform provides the autonomy for your independent or remote sales teams or franchise operators to create, manage and nurture their own leads through the sales funnel. Create preapproved marketing content and messaging and allow your team to deploy the tools regionally as appropriate.

Event marketing

Chainlink Marketing Platform will make your next event the best yet. The Event Marketing tools will allow you to engage with prospects and customers before, during and after you next big event, leading to more interactions, conversations and sales opportunities.

Social Media Marketing

Seamlessly integrate your social channel profiles and data into your marketing programs and workflows, and monitor results across campaigns in the Chainlink Data Warehouse. Leverage social channel into your customized messaging, offers and overall customer online experience.

Integrated Marketing

Chainlink Marketing Platform allows you to coordinate your cross-channel efforts and monitor all analytics all in one place through the Chainlink Data Warehouse. Create coordinated marketing efforts across email, direct mail, mobile, webpages and more, all with the ease of one platform view.

SEarch, Display, Retargeting

Optimize the impact and efficiency of your Search Engine Marketing (SEM), display, retargeting using the Chainlink Marketing Platform. Create custom offers using the Landing Page creator to make your search ads more relevant, and create customer pages that organically rank better than your homepage to drive improved SEO results. Transform more click-through traffic into prospects and customers.