Personalized Landing Pages and Web Content

Personalized Landing Pages and Web Content – Drive higher Conversions

Chainlink Marketing Platform empowers users to create personalized landing pages and dynamic web pages that update based on your marketing efforts and your targets’ interactions. Using the Chainlink Marketing Platform proprietary Form Generator & Landing Page Generator, you can create embedded content and forms, simple landing pages with forms for lead generation and multi-page microsites. All of the responses your receive will be stored within the Chainlink Data Warehouse, and you can create automated outbound drip messaging programs that are triggered by different customer engagements.

Landing Pages & Web Content That PARALLEL your Email Marketing Messaging

Chainlink Marketing Platform created custom personalized landing pages can be updated dynamically for each individual recipient, therefore, all of your outbound email marketing and direct marketing messaging can be synchronized across channels. By providing your recipients and targets with these dynamically updated and personalized experiences, the conversations will feel much more unique and drive higher engagement on your marketing initiatives, higher conversion rates, and create happier customers.

Landing Pages Templates & Easy to Use WYSIWYG Editor

Chainlink Marketing Platform provides a deep library of template Landing Pages and Web Pages that users can use as a starting point to create responsive content, update using your brand collateral and logos and colors, and then save for easy replication in the future. Our WYSIWYG editor makes it simple to drag and drop and effortlessly edit and update your pages to make sure that every single customer experience is unique, personalized, and remarkable, ensuring your Landing Pages and Forms encourage visitors to provide you with a constant supply of qualified leads and prospects into the top of your sales & marketing funnel.

Additional Features

Advanced Landing Page Creator

Chainlink Marketing Platform’s tools are as simple as drag & drop to build your advanced Landing Pages. Intuitively insert dynamic tags that will provide 1:1 content to each target for every single visit to the Landing Page. Every touch point updates in the Chainlink Data Warehouse, so dynamic content will update to make each Landing Page and the messaging truly personalized and relevant. You can also use our templates to modify and edit dynamic and advanced responsive landing pages.

No Programming Needed, Just Drag & Drop to Create Your Landing Pages

Chainlink Marketing Platform’s Drag & Drop WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tools you can move, add or delete different elements from pictures, to dynamic variables that will be personalized and updated for every single target that visits your Landing Pages. Our tools make it simple to create targeted and sophisticated Landing Pages that are customized for every target, using visual elements and rules. We also provide hundreds of starting templates in case you don’t want to start from scratch, you can simply replace with your brand, colors, and messaging.

Adaptive & Progressive Forms for Lead Capture

Chainlink Marketing Platform Form tools allow you to create interactive forms to gather data from your website and landing page visitors, ranging from lead generation to event registration and customer feedback forms. Because Chainlink Marketing Platform recognizes every single visitor to your pages, you can create dynamic forms that recognize your targets, and provide visitors with progressive forms so you can gather more information about your customers each time they come back. Provide your visitors with instant Thank You messaging and confirmations, or enter them into triggered drip messaging flows, all from the start of a form entry.

Let Your Customers Choose the Best Form

Chainlink Marketing Platform LP Tools allow you to test different Landing Page variable using A/B testing. This way you can try different form messaging versions to see what’s working best to drive the highest conversions. After a preset number of visitors or form submissions, test results can automatically trigger the winner to be presented until you make changes or want to test different variables. Let your customers and lead dictate what forms to use in order to drive your conversion rates higher.

Responsive and Dynamic LP Templates

Chainlink Marketing Platform provides 100s of Responsive Landing Page Templates that you can simply replace, edit, or add your personal elements from your offers and branding to execute new Landing Page messaging in minutes.  Every one of these templates is responsive, meaning it will open and read properly across all devices and browsers, including Mobile.

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