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Chainlink Marketing Platform search, display, and retargeting tools provide everything you need to make sure your website and web content are attracting the widest relevant audience possible to make sure you’re always attracting new customers and filling the top of your sales funnel with new prospects.

Create Customized Landing Pages that Drive ROI

Chainlink Marketing Platform Landing Page creator makes it simple to create fully customized offer-pages which will magnify the ROI for all of your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts. Because these landing pages are built entirely for an exclusive offer, Google and other engines recognize them as much more relevant, therefor promoting your page more often to a more focused audience and at a lower cost. In addition to having your ads served to more visitors and search submission, when clicks visit your customized landing page they will drive higher conversions than your website’s homepage because they are built specifically for that visitors search and purchase objective in mind.

Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Results

By creating specific landing pages that are optimized for focused SEO keywords, your pages will be more relevant to customers pages that organically rank better than your homepage to drive improved SEO results. Use these customized web pages to drive dynamic content and go after long-tailed keyword terms that tend to get lower traffic, but much more focused searches that lead to higher conversions.

Custom Tracking – Know Your Customers From the First VIsit

Chainlink Marketing Platform provides custom tracking features that can anonymously track your website visitors before they even fill out a form or raise their hand. The Chainlink Data Warehouse stores every single one of these interactions, so you can monitor visitors at each touch point across channels so by the time the do identify themselves, you’ll already know some of their interests and can provide customized content to drive stronger engagement and close more prospects.

Additional Search Features and benefits

Chainlink Marketing Platform provides more in-depth knowledge about your search and retartgetting efforts than you ever though was possible. Track performance of each ad group and keywords to see which are driving the highest visibility, clicks, and conversions. Create customer URLs for each ad or ad group to see which are outperforming, and A/B test each landing page for various offers to drive constant optimization and ROI. Lastly, you can use progressive capture and lead forms, so you can ask for updated information about every lead and prospect each time they visit your site or interact with your marketing efforts.

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