Advanced Segmentation

Advanced Segmentation – Powerful Targeting That Dynamically Updates in RealTime

Chainlink Marketing Platform Advanced Segmentation enables incredibly powerful targeting to deliver the most personalized messaging, offers, content and dynamic web pages to each of your customers and targets. Create dynamic segments that automatically update in real time so you can spend less time slicing and dicing you data, and allow your marketing automation tools to do the work for you. Advanced Segmentation allows you to target customers based on past behaviors or target interactions, therefore removing the guess work involved in creating email lists. Target customers and prospects based on purchase history, website visits, or previous email and landing page interactions.

Sophisticated Segmentation bEYOND aBANDONED CARTS & wELCOME eMAILS

Chainlink Marketing Platform Advanced Segmentation helps with a lot of they typical e-commerce problems, like abandoned carts, order follow-ups and welcome series emails. However, that’s just where it starts. Because Chainlink Marketing Platform is powered by the Chainlink Data Warehouse, you can combine ANY profile, behavior, interaction, or marketing touchpoint from your entire historical database to create new segments. Do you want to look for your targets with Facebook profiles, that live in Virginia, that haven’t visited your website in a month? Easy. With the Chainlink Marketing Platform, the options are endless.

Powerful Targeting Drives Best-in-Class Results

The advanced segmentation capability of the Chainlink Marketing Platform sets you up for the most personalized conversations possible in marketing automation today. Our Advanced Segmentation features can drive the highest engagement rates, maximize your ROI, and allow for satisfied customers that want to come back and serve as brand ambassadors.

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