Marketing Automation (B2B and B2C)

Marketing Automation – B2B & B2C

Chainlink Marketing Platform’s powerful Marketing Automation tools are designed with customized editions for both B2B & B2C marketers and users. Each edition was built with the same higher-level purpose. They are designed to effectively understand and manage your customers, prospects, and leads, drive higher engagement, and make the most of your marketing budgets. Each edition was built from the users’ perspectives. The ultimate goal is to help B2B marketers build their funnels with qualified leads and close more deals, and to help B2C marketers engage with their customers, and provide nurturing personalized content and messaging,  and maximize the customer lifetime value.

B2B Marketing Automation – Increase your Pipeline and Close more Deals

Chainlink Marketing Platform B2B Marketing Automation Edition empowers marketers to build data-driven intelligent programs to generate new leads and reduce the time of your sales cycle, visually monitor your campaigns & data in real time, and make constant improvements to drive your highest ROI possible. Our B2B Marketing Automation Edition helps you engage your prospects with dynamic targeted messaging, nurture your qualified leads through the pipeline, and most importantly close more deals.

B2C 1:1 Customer ENGAGEMENT – Maximize Lifetime Value

Chainlink Marketing Platform B2C Customer Engagement Edition allows marketers to maximize lifetime value of customers by creating cross-channel experiences, building brand awareness,  fostering long-term customer engagement, and providing easy-to-use measurement tools for ongoing optimization. Chainlink Marketing Platform powers ultra-targeted personalized messaging and dynamic web content, advanced segmentation for focused marketing programs, and allows users to encourage customers through their purchase process and maximize the lifetime value of each customer. Chainlink Marketing Platform tools make it easy and efficient to provide truly 1:1 customer marketing conversations and experiences.

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