Event Marketing

Event Marketing – Generate Signups & Leads, and Create Sales Opportunities

Chainlink Marketing Platform Event Marketing tools allow you to drive marketing interactions before, during, and after your next trade show, webinar, conference call or live event. Easily customize targeted marketing programs that will promote higher preregistration signups and conversations, automated reminders before the event, invitations to stop by your booth/exhibit during the event, and post-show surveys and followups. All of these additional customer engagement tools will generate more leads, qualified prospects, and sales opportunities.

Event Marketing – Pre-Event Engagement

Chainlink Marketing Platform event marketing tools make it easy to create automated 1:1 marketing programs to drive event sign-ups and registration through gentle drip messaging reminders that update more frequently with more urgency as the event date comes closer. Our easy to use Form Builder powers fully customized signups, capturing all of the necessary target data about your signups. You can then created automated event reminders and giveaway offers to drive the highest attendance at your events.

Track your guest list with UNPARALLELED ACCURACY

Because the Chainlink Data Warehouse stores every single touch point, you’ll be able to see in simple one-stop view, who has RSVPd, who has opened your invites or visited your website and need more encouragement or a stronger offer. You can then use advanced segmentation to followup with specific groups. Also, if you have targeted VIP invites, get an instant notification anytime they respond or showup at your event.

During Your event – Interact, Check-ins & signups

Easily create automated SMS or Email reminders during the event to remind people to stop by your exhibit to see your awesome setup. With our easy to use mobile & tablet interface, it’s a breeze to check people in on the fly who are preregistered, and we make collecting new contacts’ info at your event easier than ever before. Using our Drag-and-Drop design tools, your signups/signin page will mirror the look and feel of your brand and event. Also, if you have very special guests attending or VIPs, individuals on your team can get instant updates when they check in to make sure you give them a personal experience at your event and can put a face to a name.

Post-event Marketing – Engage & Lead Nurturing

After your success event, send automated thanks you’s and messaging with focused lead qualification, and take advantage of the Chainlink Marketing Platform Lead Nurturing tools to generate more sales opportunities. Ensure that your hard work of setting up a great event with high attendance doesn’t go to waste with automated nurturing programs that help your prospects through the buying process and close more deals. You can re-purpose any of the Event Marketing programs or materials you made for future events. Finally, using our Advanced Analytics and Reporting, track your event successes and weakness so your next event is even better.

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