Customer Engagement (B2C)

Customer Engagement – Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Chainlink Marketing Platform Customer Engagement allows consumer-focused users to create and execute personalized and dynamic cross-channel messaging and marketing programs. Our easy to use tools allow you to create automated messaging flows that learn with every single customer touch point across all of your marketing efforts, whether it be an email, web visit, purchase, or social interaction. Leverage your customer data at scale with providing true 1:1 messaging and communications, always at the right time.

Drive consistent cross-channel conversations with your customers

Chainlink Marketing Platform Customer Engagement empowers cohesive cross-channel marketing efforts that adapt based on your customers’ and prospects’ reactions and interactions. Easily create dynamic marketing email, landing pages, websites, mobile experiences, and Social offerings. Because every customer interaction EVER is captured in the Chainlink Data Warehouse, you can make sure the right messages are triggered on the right channel, at the proper time to drive consumer behaviors and purchases.

Stay in Front of your Customers Using Automation

Chainlink Marketing Platform Customer Engagement automation tools ensure that you’ll be front of mind and consistently building awareness with your customer base. Provide relevant and helpful information in automated email flows that can be triggered as simply as a website visit.  By helping your customers throughout their process, they’ll come to you when they’re ready to buy.

Encourage Long-Term Customer Engagement

Chainlink Marketing Platform Customer Engagement allows you to communicate with each customer on a personalized basis across all channel with the use of automated and triggered email flows. You can reward your best customers to drive referrals, or if a customer is slipping away automatically provide them with stronger offers and incentives. Create 1:1 marketing conversations at scale.

Data-driven Insights For Maximum ROI

Chainlink Marketing Platform allows you to easily see all data from across all of your marketing efforts and customer behaviors and purchases. By combining all of your data in one place, you can calculate accurate marketing attribution directly to revenues, and learn where you should be spending more or pulling back, and which marketing efforts and teammates are outpacing the rest.

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