Dynamic Personalization

Create True 1-to-1 Experiences with Content That Adapts over time

Chainlink Marketing Platform Dynamic Personalization empowers users to speak to each customer or prospect with an individual voice and message. The best approach to personalization is to start unique conversations with each target across all channels and throughout the buyer’s process or customer life cycle. One way to personalize your target outreach is by serving up intelligent, relevant, and tailored content for potential customers in their planning stages who are looking to educate themselves on your product or service. Another strategy could be to encourage repeat buyers to try a new product and drive referrals. Or, you could even try re-engaging with customers that are starting to drift away by offering some kind of promotion or discount. No matter the circumstance, our Chainlink Marketing Platform knows each of your customers and can help you identify the best time and method to reach them.

Targeted Email Marketing 300x129 Dynamic Personalization

Create Personalized Messaging for Each Customer

Chainlink Marketing Platform allows you to precisely segment your customer lists by accessing the Chainlink Data Warehouse to pull all historical customer information, orders, and interactions. With the Dynamic Personalization tools, you can then make honest individualized messaging that reaches your target at the right time, through the channel, with the right content, whether it be on email, websites, mobile, landing pages, and more. Most importantly, dynamic personalization drives higher conversion rates, more win-backs, stronger engagement with your marketing initiatives, and happier customers and clients. All of this ultimately maximizes your overall customers’ lifetime values.

Additional Features

Create Dynamic Messaging and Content from Day 1

Chainlink Marketing Platform’s powerful personalization tools are as simple as drag & drop to build your programs. Intuitively insert dynamic tags that will provide 1:1 content to each target, and as every touchpoint updates in the Chainlink Data Warehouse, the dynamic content will update to make each message truly personalized and relevant. You can choose from different behaviors, responses, purchase history, website visits, or previous marketing interactions to personalize your conversations and build more meaningful relationships with each customer, driving higher conversion rates, better marketing ROI, and encouraging repeat business.

Market Directly to “Buyer Personas”

Chainlink Marketing Platform tracks every single interaction and touch point, allowing you to know your customers on a deeper level, and market with personalized messaging and content directly to Buyer Personas. These are your ideal customers that you can present customized offers to drive higher engagement and purchases. Chainlink Marketing Platform provides a unified view of all your Buyer Personas by aggregating behaviors, transactions, profile data, social media stats, and by empowering this data the 1:1 messages and offers that will take your business to the next level.

1:1 Messaging Across All Channels

Chainlink Marketing Platform empowers you to make sure you’re delivering the same personalized messaging and offers to each recipient, across channels. And because all of these interactions are tracked in the Chainlink Data Warehouse, each touch point can dynamically update so the next time your targets receive an email or visit a webpage, the conversation will naturally flow from the last marketing opportunity.

Every Customer is Unique, They Each Deserve a Unique Experience

Chainlink Marketing Platform allows you to easily create, manage, and optimize dynamically-populated &  individualized emails, webpages, and mobile experiences. Do you have a great customer who visits your website every day? Good morning George, haven’t seen you since yesterday! Another prospect that’s coming back for the first time in months? Susan, it’s been a while! Great to hear from you. You can also customize the individualized outbound messaging, leveraging profile information, customer interactions, and behaviors, to make sure each customer has a unique and personalized experience.

Simple Content Management

Chainlink Marketing Platform allows you to store all of your brand assets, marketing materials, and collateral in one place, so everything is at your fingertips anytime you want to create a new program, marketing campaign, or dynamic landing page. You’re provided with unlimited storage, so you can always access old efforts, or easily share approved content with teammates to use in their individualized regional campaigns. Chainlink Marketing Platform’s Drag & Drop tools make it easy for anyone to simply create beautiful and engaging marketing programs within minutes.