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Chainlink Marketing Platform: The YOU Platform

The Chainlink Marketing Platform empowers YOU to leverage YOUR CRM data to increase conversions, improve customer retention, and increase YOUR customer lifetime value.

The Chainlink Marketing Platform was built with YOU, our users in mind. Every other platform was developed first, and then found its customers; We took the opposite customer-centric YOU approach and built an advanced marketing automation tool that our clients wanted and needed.

Choose the Features YOU Want

Chainlink Marketing Platform offers a ton of great standard features, but we allow YOU to customize YOUR experience and tool set by adding more advanced marketing automation features.  Premium features can be added a-la-carte simply by selecting the options you want. As YOUR business grows and your needs change, adapt by adding new features to YOUR customized platform, or just as easily remove features if you find you’re not using them. Adjust on the fly to YOUR real-time needs and marketing requirements.

Pay for What YOU Use

Chainlink Marketing Platform thought that our billing should be just as easy as our platform is to use. In addition to our Free accounts, Chainlink Marketing Platform offers two paid account versions, PrePaid and Monthly. Prepaid is like filling up your gas tank; use the Platform until you run out of credits. Monthly is like a phone bill without the contracts; renew and pay each month based on your usage and any additional premium features. If you decide to stop your digital marketing efforts, cancel at any time.

No Long-Term Commitments

Chainlink Marketing Platform gives YOU the freedom to try new features and programs so YOU can adjust on the fly to YOUR customer demands. Our competitors that offer similar Advanced Marketing Automation tools require huge year-long upfront payments; not Chainlink Marketing Platform. Use what YOU need – test out new features, optimize YOUR marketing, and decide if it’s for you. If not, no hard feelings or huge sunk costs.

Marketing Automation & Campaign Management

Creating personalized marketing campaigns has never been easier. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface of the Chainlink Marketing Platform enables you to create and automate marketing programs across channels. Choose the features that will enhance your campaign the best and pay only for what you need.

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Cross-channel messaging tools

Forget about single-channel marketing: cross-channel messaging is the future and with Chainlink Marketing Platform, you can design and deploy cross-channel content and create individualized experiences for all your consumers. Take your game to the next level with personalized content for email, web, mobile and more!

Robust Personalization

Powerful marketing can make each of your customers feel like your most important client. Chainlink Marketing Platform places special emphasis on personalization. Forget about one size fits all solutions and deliver relevant and personalized messages across various channels and services. Sweep your leads off their feet with individualized content that will make them crave to become your clients!

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Unified Customer View

Have all the marketing information you need at your fingertips with Chainlink Marketing Platform unified customer view. Gain deeper insights by tracking consumers’ profile data, behavior and interactions across online and offline channels, including social media and mobile.

Central system for your organization’s marketing

Chainlink Marketing Platform is your very own marketing organization hub: it features intuitive and simple to use tools for the design, automation and management of all of your marketing campaigns and programs, and integrates information from offline and online channels into a single place. This richness of information not only provides you with comprehensive insights into consumers’ behavior but also enables you to personalize your approach to each client and boost greater engagement over their lifecycle.

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multi channel Chainlink Marketing Platform

Learning and Optimization

Optimize your marketing by taking only the data that your business needs. Chainlink Marketing Platform marketing enables you to slice and dice your analytics in comprehensive fragments so you can make the most out of your CRM data.

Chainlink Data Warehouse

Chainlink Marketing Platform was created to be a powerful business intelligence solution that provides you with the tools you need to understand your clients, without breaking the bank. Our secure, discrete and fully optimized Chainlink Data Warehouse stores an enormous amount of information ­— thousands of data points about each of your clients and each transaction they’ve completed with your company.

What’s more, the platform also stores insights from any other department within your business. With Chainlink Marketing Platform, you have your very own marketing data warehouse where the results of your customer interactions are stored, alongside data from your marketing, direct sales and support, and transactional systems. The results? Better functionality, greater efficiency, and more successful business.

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Friendly, Flexible Built-in Tools

Gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of Chainlink Marketing Platform’s array of built-in tools. We believe personalization is the key to the successful marketing so we offer you a vast range of tools that allow you to design, coordinate and measure marketing content and messages across channels. Our tools are easy to use and come with an intuitive interface that will make designing highly individualized emails and landing pages feel like a breeze. Make sure to take advantage of our tools for designing responsive forms and surveys so you can gain even deeper insights into your consumers’ behavior.

With Chainlink Marketing Platform, you get more information but you also gain the means to make sense of it. Our testing tools enable you to test virtually any aspect of the data you’ve collected from emails, landing pages, SMS messages and more.

Reporting and Analytics

Chainlink Marketing Platform’s powerful system was built to handle and quickly process large volumes of data. The comprehensive analysis will help you make sense of your customers’ data and take note of any meaningful trends and behavioral patterns over time. Forget about data mining: with one glance, you can determine your best performing marketing messages and use multi-channel data to improve customer conversion, retention and attribution. Assess the effectiveness of any marketing campaign in real-time!

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Open-plan Architecture for your Custom Integrations

The Chainlink Marketing Platform isn’t just a marketing tool: it’s a complete ecosystem that allows you to automate, design and manage all your marketing tools, sources and information. Connect data from sources across your entire organization and add applications from your third-party partners via the Chainlink Marketing Platform App marketplace.

Apart from the vast array of built-in tools, we also have API’s for integration with various enterprises and applications such as E-commerce, CRM and call center software, ERP, DMP and audience information, as well as solutions for event management and data augmentation.

Scalable and Secure

Last but not least, Chainlink Marketing Platform marketing places special emphasis on your and your clients’ security. Our platform runs on an enterprise-class infrastructure which guarantees the safety and availability of your customers’ information at all times. We work constantly to improve Chainlink Marketing Platform so that you can safely and predictably scale your databases and take advantage of thousands of individual data points about your clients.

Additionally, Chainlink Marketing Platform has been issued SSAE 16 and SOC 2-level reports and are compliant with many industry-specific data privacy regulations.

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