Marketing Automation (B2B)

B2b Marketing Automation for Marketing Experts 

Chainlink Marketing Platform Marketing Automation B2B edition was built with advanced marketer needs and uses in mind. Build better and smarter cross-channel marketing programs, nurture your prospects through the buying process, and provide the data and prequalifications for your sales to close more deals. Add more leads to the top of your funnel, and quickly move them through the pipeline, engage with buyers at the right timing with dynamic content and educational marketing efforts, and drive more conversions and optimize your marketing ROI.

Marketing Automation Customized for Every Prospect

Chainlink Marketing Platform Marketing Automation B2B Edition allows you easily craft dynamic cross-channel programs that adapt throughout the process with every single marketing touchpoint. From building stronger lead capture pages and lead generation efforts to automated programs that are triggered at the perfect timing to turn more leads to prospects, and quickly convert to sales and closed deals. Our Drag & Drop tools empower every marketing to be a Marketing Automation expert.

Data-driven Marketing Automation

Chainlink Marketing Platform Marketing Automation provides advanced data analytics and business intelligence, so you can track your prospects throughout the entire buying process. Easily monitor every campaign, and make adjustments and improvements on the fly if you notice a slowdown or gap in your customers’ marketing interactions. Calculate accurate marketing attribution for each marketing effort and promotion.

Optimize Your Marketing efforts

Marketing Automation Insights are provided in easy to interpret dashboards and customizable reports, so you can measure, understand, and optimize every cross-channel marketing program and campaign. With our customizable reporting dashboard, quickly see how every single campaign is performing, and adjust as necessary. Focus as narrowly as a single lead or prospect, or zoom out and see how your organization’s efforts are performing. All in one easy-to-use platform.

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