Email Marketing

Email Marketing – Build Long-Term Relationships & Conversations at Scale

Despite the growing number of daily email marketing messages in everyone’s inboxes, email marketing remains the highest ROI digital marketing channel. Stand apart from the crowd by engaging with your customers and prospects on a 1:1 personalized basis. Create dynamic workflows that are automatically triggered by your targets’ action or inaction. Provide curated content based upon preferences, profiles and behaviors.

Every Customer is Unique, and Email Marketing should be too

Powered by the Chainlink Data Warehouse, you have the ability observe every single marketing interaction you’ve ever had with each target across every channel (email, web, mobile, direct mail). Use your deep customer understanding to create personalized 1:1 messaging and marketing email offers to match each individual’s profile data, demographics, and behavior. Then automate at scale.

Easily Manage your Email Messaging and Maximize Your Digital Marketing

Chainilnk Marketing Platform and the Email Generator simplify the process to create interactive and dynamic automated email messaging in a matter of minutes. Using our straight-forward drag and drop tools, craft the perfect 1:1 personalized email messaging and offers to drive the strongest engagement possible. A/B test every one of your emails to try new Subjects, Content, or CTAs (Call-to-Actions) to make sure you constantly improving and optimizing every single automated program.

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