Franchise & Decentralized Marketing

Franchise Marketing and Decentralized Marketing – Empower Your Direct Sales Teams

Chainlink Marketing Platform provides the autonomy for your independent or remote sales teams or franchise operators to create, manage and nurture their own leads through the sales funnel. Create preapproved marketing content and messaging and allow your team to deploy the tools regionally as appropriate.

Marketing Materials – Share, scale and direct as needed

Using the Chainlink Marketing Platform Decentralized Features, your marketing department can create pre-approved marketing materials and programs that can be used across channels, but directed and deployed as deemed appropriate by regional sales agents and reps based on their local and personal interactions. As many larger organizations have very different regional customers or prospect needs, every single sales manager can add new local prospects or customers into cross-channel automated programs as they see fit. Each sales team can also customize their messaging to add a personal touch to their local clients and prospects, and alter frequency and urgency of offers and programs.

Decentralized Marketing Features

Chainlink Marketing Platform Decentralized Marketing features allow your teams to focus on what they do best; empower your marketing experts create multichannel messaging, collateral and automated programs, and let your sales and field reps meet with prospects and customers. Whenever a regional team thinks it’s appropriate, they can enter new prospects in the appropriate preapproved lead generation, lead nurturing, and other automated programs, ensuring professionalism across every touch point.

Direct Visibility into Sales Teams Marketing Efforts

Each of your sales teams/reps is provided with an individual login, which gives them direct access to all preapproved and prepared content, marketing, and automation programs so they can enter new targets into these personalized programs as they see appropriate. Along with all of the in-depth data collected in the Chainlink Data Warehouse, you also get detailed reporting based on each sales reps’ performance, marketing programs, and also cumulatively across your entire network. Constantly improve and optimize all of the marketing efforts. If you see something working well for one team, quickly identify the trend and implement best practices across your organization.

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