Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution – Understand YOUR Customer’s Journey

Chainlink Marketing Platform provides the tools to do one the trickiest tasks in marketing: proper marketing attribution. We provide easy-to-use tools to follow your customers across multiple touchpoints and even offline channels, so you can quantify the value and impact of every single interaction across your marketing campaigns and every single individual customer timeline.

Track Every Step of YOUR Customer’s Journey

Chainlink Marketing Platform provides advanced tracking, so you can monitor every single time your customers interact with one of your digital impressions; whether it be a visit to your website, responding to an email, interacting with your Social Media promotions, or responding to a direct mailer. By observing and recording each of these individual interactions in the Chainlink Data Warehouse, you can evaluate and quantify the value of every single touch point.

Quantify the Value & Return of YOUR Promotions

Because the Chainlink Marketing Platform allows you track across all channels, you can input your actual spend for each campaign to quantify the ROI for each promotion. Are you running social media ads or using different influencers? Track each one to see where you should increase your spend, or decrease to optimize your overall returns. Running direct mailers to drive lead generation? See if the print is providing the returns you want.

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