Chainlink Data Warehouse

Chainlink Data Warehouse – Unified Data Record of Every Target

The Chainlink Data Warehouse powers everything in the Chainlink Marketing Platform by recording and reconciling all of your customer databases, and aggregating information from multiple, disparate sources.  Your customer, lead, prospect, and client data can come from a multitude of sources, including your CRM, e-commerce platform, or POS (Point-of-Sale). The Chainlink Data Warehouse seamlessly integrates and organizes these data from all of your sources so you can have a unified view of your organization’s customer information.

Comprehensive Customer View of Every Persona & Behavior

The Chainlink Data Warehouse aggregates every single piece of your customer data, including contact info, demographics and profile data, and every single persona behavior. This includes each touchpoint with all your marketing initiatives and website visits. The Chainlink Marketing Platform takes this data and provides advanced segmentation, personalization and customization to so you can provide your customers and targets the most unique marketing messaging, offers, and dynamic content possible. Because these advanced segments update automatically in real-time, you don’t need to constantly be re-running data queries, or slicing and dicing excel sheets to create revenue-focused, data-driven marketing programs.

Single Database for Every Customer Data Point

The Chainlink Data Warehouse provides valuable insights into your customers’ histories, interactions, preferences, and purchases. Armed with this information, you can provide dynamic offers and effective messaging at the precise time over the appropriate channel to drive the highest marketing engagement and ROI possible. Optimize and improve your communications by including your customer’s Social Media data (the Chainlink Marketing Platform can provide this too) for meaningful insights. The Chainlink Data Warehouse will then store and aggregate these interactions alongside your other customer data for further advanced segmentation and automation options.

Additional Features

Open Data Architecture

Chainlink Data Warehouse allows you to aggregate, integrate, and leverage data from every source that you incorporate and gather in your cross-channel marketing activities. By combining data from disparate sources, the Chainlink Data Warehouse allows you link any data source and see what’s actually going on with every single customer, prospect, and lead, across your organization.

To Us, Cross-Channel Means EVERY Channel, Including Social

Chainlink Data Warehouse tracks and knows which of your targets, prospects, and leads are active and have profiles across every major Social Media channel, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Yelp, and more. Every single one of your targets’ social data is updated in the Chainlink Marketing Platform profile area, so you can simply and easily visit your customer’s social pages to gain more information. This allows you to segment using this data, meaning you can send specific offers or messaging flows to customers that interact on a specific social platform, creating more personal conversations.

Everything About EACH Target, In One Place

Chainlink Data Warehouse combines all of your data across every effort and system and provides a comprehensive summary of each target. This includes purchase history, profile info, behaviors, previous marketing interactions, direct mailer responses, and any data source you can think of. With the Chainlink Marketing Platform, you won’t ever have to spend hours cross-referencing excel sheets pulls from years ago; everything about every customer, in one place. It’s that easy.

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