Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing – Close More Deals & Drive Higher Conversion Rates

Lead nurturing is crucial for any effective B2B marketing strategy to make sure you’re touching base with your contacts over time to build a relationship, develop trust, and provide relevant content that helps your prospects through the buying process. Chainlink Marketing Platform automates this nurturing process to make sure you’re always front of mind when the final buying decision is done. For big ticket items or services, more than 4/5 of purchasers aren’t ready to pull the trigger when they start their research; by automating your nurturing content and marketing efforts, you can make sure you’re there when the prospect is ready to convert.

Chainlink Marketing PLatform Lead Nurturing Tools

Chainlink Marketing Platform makes creating your automated lead nurturing program and email marketing a simple and painless process. Create automatically triggered marketing emails that provide relevant and helpful content anytime one of your prospects interacts with any other cross-channel marketing, whether it be website visit, form entry, email response, direct mailer, or mobile visitation.

Automated Lead Score Updates & Instant Sales Alerts

The Chainilnk Data Warehouse stores every single prospect’s lead nurturing interactions and engagement, driving automatic real-time updates for each record. If your prospect’s updated custom Lead Score crosses a certain threshold, automated Sales alerts can be sent to the sales force to reach out when time is right, and ensure your sales team is always focused on the most qualified prospects that are ready to make a purchase. You’ve already spent the time and effort with your Lead Generation efforts, so make sure your Sales team doesn’t miss out on prospects that are ready to buy.

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