Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing – Easily Attract More Traffic & Drive Conversions

Chainlink Marketing Platform’s inbound marketing capabilities provide everything you need to improve your overall inbound marketing to drive more traffic to key landing pages, convert more visitors to qualified leads, and measure your overall impact through a quantifiable ROI. Chainlink Marketing Platform makes it easy to set up and improve your website forms & pages, increase your pipeline, and ensure your content is getting in front of the right potential customers.

Attract more Targeted Traffic to Improve the Top of Your Funnel

Inbound marketing with the Chainlink Marketing Platform makes it quick and easy to optimize your websites and landing pages to attract more traffic to your digital properties. Our tools provide you an easy way to create your own responsive webpages, and our Template Library has a full offering of customizable starting points to make the process even more seamless. We provide custom links so it’s a breeze to share your content across social media, and to embed your created pages without having to be overly technical.

Convert more Traffic into Qualified Leads

Chainlink Marketing Platform has an intuitive landing page creator to help our users encourage their web traffic to opt into email lists, sign up for demos, or try a free trial. Our Template Library has a deep offering of pre-made landing pages that you can easily customize or use as-is, without the required skill-set of a web designer. The Chainlink Marketing Platform also offers simple one-click sign up forms that customers won’t be afraid to submit, and your websites can remember visitors so they don’t get frustrated being asked the same questions repeatedly.

Close More Deals With Automation Tools

Chainlink Marketing Platform Inbound Marketing will help close more deals at the end of your pipeline by providing personalized followups and alerts as needed. Whenever a new lead opts in for an email list or offering, the platform will automatically place them in a lead nurturing email program with personalized, relevant updates to guide them through their buying journey. Users can create any number of automated follow-ups, whether it’s a well-timed email offering, a call from a salesperson based on a triggered alert, or any other customized promotion. Chainlink Marketing Platform can be integrated directly with your CRM so each of these interactions can be updated instantly and automatically, and then further segmented for future marketing programs.

Encourage Happy Customers to Become Brand Advocates

The same way that you gracefully took your customers from leads to happy clients, provide them with valuable updates and content after you’ve closed your sale. Further utilize the Chainlink Marketing Platform Marketing Automation & Email tools to upsell your customers to premium plans, products and services, and encourage customer referrals from your top clients. Conversely, you can provide helpful and relevant content to a dissatisfied customer to change their opinion and improve your overall customer experience.

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