Why Should You Care About Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing

Why Should You Care About Mobile Marketing?

Is your company’s mobile marketing strategy just an afterthought? Your team is not the only one making this detrimental mistake. Even though companies are investing in digital marketing, not enough teams are taking advantage of mobile channels to maximize customer/client experience.

Here are four facts about mobile marketing that will remind you why your company should care about this often-neglected component of a digital strategy.

1) Only 8% of advertising dollars spent are invested in mobile strategy.

Marketers are ignoring a media channel consumers use constantly. Mobile devices have become an integral part of the consumer journey, and it’s time for companies to start acting like it. Neglecting mobile websites and marketing needs to end now.

2) Web traffic around the world will be majority mobile by 2019.

According to tech research firm Forrester, over the next two years, people will become most active online using mobile devices. As consumers become increasingly attached to their smartphones and tablets, digital marketers need to respond to this trend. How? Companies must consistently provide consumers with dynamic content, and their marketing teams need to design the content to drive mobile engagement.  

3) Smartphone ownership is drastically increasing.

According to the Pew Research Center’s Mobile Fact Sheet, 77% of Americans owned smartphones in 2016, up from just 35% since their first survey of smartphone ownership conducted in 2011. With the use of mobile devices steadily proliferating, companies need to focus on customer experience on smartphones and tablets. Are your leads enticed by the mobile version of your site, or inconvenienced by it? It’s necessary to question whether or not you are providing the best possible mobile experience for your clients/customers. At this rate, mobile device usage should be becoming a more important part of a company’s overall digital marketing strategy every day.

4) Apple claims that the average iPhone user unlocks his or her phone at least 80 times every day.

If you knew your customers/clients could be using the mobile version of your site once every ten minutes, would you neglect it? Don’t make the common mistake of leaving your mobile web and marketing strategy on the backburner. Mobile marketing is not effective when it’s approached as a separate strategy. It’s best when integrated as a natural part of the consumer journey. Understanding how a mobile experience varies from a desktop experience is key when creating a cohesive digital presence across devices.

So, where should your company begin when trying to improve their mobile marketing strategy? Take an integrative approach.  Your company needs the right tools to make sure your digital efforts are just as effective on mobile as they are on every other medium. Content that recognizes your targets’ and customers’ device and instantly reacts ensures that every impression counts. When executed correctly, mobile engagement will undoubtedly drive higher conversion rates.

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